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Thinking about changing my username on tumblr, its the same as this one, I just want something different. Just have 0 ideas! So if you have any, please share~
The dark is generous.
Its first gift is concealment: our true faces lie in the dark beneath our skins, our true hearts remain shadowed deeper still. But the greatest concealment lies not in protecting our secret truths, but in hiding from the truths of others.
The dark protects us from what we dare not know.
Its second gift is comforting illusion: the ease of gentle dreams in night’s embrace, the beauty that imagination brings to what would repel in the day’s harsh light. But the greatest of its comforts is the illusion that dark is temporary: that every night brings a new day. Because it’s the day that is temporary.
Day is the illusion.
Its third gift is the light itself: as days are defined by the nights that divide them, as stars are defined by the infinite black through which they wheel, the dark embraces the light, and brings it forth from the center of its own self.
With each victory of the light, it is the dark that wins.

The dark is generous, and it is patient.
It is the dark that seeds cruelty into justice, that drips contempt into compassion, that poisons love with grains of doubt.
The dark can be patient, because the slightest drop of rain will cause those seeds to sprout.
The rain will come, and the seeds will sprout, for the dark is the soil in which they grow, and it is the clouds above them, and it waits behind the star that gives them light.
The dark’s patience is infinite.
Eventually, even stars burn out.

The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins.
It always wins because it is everywhere.
It is in the wood that burns in your hearth, and in the kettle on the fire; it is under your chair and under your table and under the sheets on your bed. Walk in the midday sun, and the dark is with you, attached to the soles of your feet.
The brightest light casts the darkest shadow.

The dark is generous and it is patient and it always wins – but in the heart of its strength lies its weakness: one lone candle is enough to hold it back.
Love is more than a candle.
Love can ignite the stars.

--Matthew Woodring Stover, author of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (novel)
Props to my sweetheart KamenRiderReaper on being able to log in to his deviantART account for the first time in forever! Just an excuse to gush about my love and make him blush
My boss gave me the okay to take time off! I will be able to visit my boyfriend, yay! August 30 to September 8th. It's actually happening!!!
May the Fourth be with you, my fellow Star Wars nerds!


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I stole this from the lovely MadnessHarper~ I'm doing a 30 Day wrestling challenge on my tumblr, so this sounded like fun too. Plus I didn't do a journal in May. And I still owe Kat some commissions and there's contest entries, and I like to procrastinate.

Day 01 - Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is. :
I am currently in a relationship with KamenRiderReaper, we've been together over a year now. I'm very happy, he keeps me going, he keeps me smiling and laughing. He and I compliment each other so well as a pair, it's really amazing. This is my first serious relationship and I can't imagine ever been in any other. In 2 months and 28 days I will be going to visit him and meet him for the first time, in person. Though we do FaceTime every night, it's not really the same. It will also be my first ever trip to New York!

Day 02 - Where you'd like to be in 10 years.:
Well ten years is an awful long time away. But ideally, I would like to still be as I am now, in the sense that I am happy, healthy, and have things and people in my life that I enjoy. I still see myself with Robbie, and as we continue to build a life together, I think it can only get better. I also see more pets in my future. I would like to have at least my first novel or novella fleshed out to the point of editing by someone else. I think that's a reasonable goal.

Day 03 - Your views on drugs and alcohol.:
I myself am straight edge, I don't drink or do drugs. On very few occasions have I drank and I didn't enjoy it at all. They aren't good for your body, so I don't view either favorably. I am in favor of prescription drugs as long as they are necessary, legitimately prescribed by your doctor and taken correctly.

Day 04 - Your views on religion.:
Well this is a bit of a complex one. First I want to preface this by saying that whatever religions beliefs you do or don't have is something that's entirely personal. I don't think it should be something that governs societal decisions, as it's something that is personal and varies from person to person. That being said, myself I identify as a non-denominational spiritual Christian. I have varied greatly in my beliefs over time, having gone through a period of being an atheist, as well as returning to my roots in the Eastern Orthodox Christian church.

Day 05 - A time you thought about ending your own life. :
Oh goodness. There have been several. But the most recent time was in 2014 and I was actually at work. There were several mistakes that had been made and I was feeling pretty terrible and my co-workers were just piling it on. I have a straight razor in my desk for opening boxes and decided it would be better if I weren't there and someone else could come and do my job. I actually made several shallow cuts and I stopped and texted my friend JT and he helped talk me out of cutting more. I got rid of the straight razor after that day, just in case it ever happens again.

Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself:
i) I love to write letters.
ii) I like to garden.

iii) I love to do my nails.
iv) I'm definitely a crazy cat lady.
v) I'm a history buff.
vi) I'm fascinated by drag queens and drag culture.
vii) I know how to knit, crochet and sew.
viii) I'm obsessed with Etsy.
ix) I'm terrible at keeping up with people.
x) I've been a wrestling fan for almost 25 years.
xi) My hair has been every color except blue, green and yellow.
xii) I name inanimate objects in my life. (IE: my car is Brady, my laptop is Tanahashi Okada, etc.)
xiii) My favorite video game is the original Spyro the Dragon
xiv) I'm blind in one eye.
xv) I am very interested in genealogy and working on my family tree.
xvi) I love tattoos, I currently have 4.
xvii) I dislike math with a passion; however I work as a secretary in the finance department of the company.
xviii) I love to watch Dr. Sandra Lee's videos on YouTube. (She's a dermatologist, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper)
xix) I have been to two WrestleManias; WM XIX in Seattle (2003) and WM XXX in New Orleans (2014)
xx) I love to travel, mostly for wrestling.
xxi) I am a fan of American football, my favorite team is the New England Patriots
xxii) I have pretty horrible handwriting
xxiii) I am slightly obsessed with office supplies
xxiv) Hana Kimi and Vampire Knight are my favorite manga series'
xxv) I probably spend way too much time on tumblr.
xxvi) I am an only child with an abundant bevy of cousins
xxvii) I love to read/watch about true crime
xxviii) However I dislike horror manga, movies, etc.
xxix) I loveeeee bath bombs
xxx) I'm a picky eater.

Day 07 - Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality:
My Zodiac sign is Aries. I do feel in a lot of ways that it fits, though I do tend to be more sensitive than most things describe an Aries to be. If we want to get into my full star chart though, it fits pretty well. I find astrology fascinating.

Day 08 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life:
Hmmm. Probably around the holidays, things were going pretty well. I had recovered from gallbladder surgery, Robbie and I were enjoying our first Christmas together, planning a trip together. I think that was when I felt most content. Satisfied to me means that I have accomplished all that I have needed or wanted to do, and I'm far from done there!

Day 09 - How you hope your future will be like:
I hope it will be happy. I hope I will still be a wrestling fan (after almost 25 years I think that's a given.) I hope to still be with Robbie. I hope to continue to do art because I love it. I hope to have many, many animals.

Day 10 - Discuss your first love and first kiss:
My first love is my sweetheart, Robbie. Trust me, I could write a book on this subject. My first kiss on the lips was from my friend Art, he thought it was a travesty that I had never been kissed before. My first real kiss was from Matt Striker during the WrestleCon show in New Orleans. The first person I ever kissed was Colt Cabana, on the cheek.

Day 11 - Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.
1. From a Jack to a King by Elvis Presley
2. Joy to the World by Three Dog Night
3. I Can Love You Like That by All-4-One
4. Bobbie Sue by the Oak Ridge Boys
5. Almost Easy by Avenged Sevenfold
6. Turning Tables (Glee Cast Version)
7. The Rising Sun (Shinsuke Nakamura theme song)
8. Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) by the Backstreet Boys
9. Demons by Imagine Dragons
10. Call Me on the Ouija Board by Sharon Needles

Day 12 - Bullet your whole day:
  • Woke Up
    • Cleaned and tided
      • Played iPad games
        • Texted Robbie and some other friends
          • Ate lunch
            • Took a nap
              • Moved furniture
                • Ate Dinner
                  • Did my nails
                    • Took a shower
                      • Went to bed
                        • Stayed up too late watching videos on YouTube

Day 13 - Somewhere you'd like to move or visit:
There are so many places I would like to visit!!! But since my trip to New York is coming up, it's been on my bucket list since forever. We're even going into NYC for a day.

Day 14 - Your earliest memory:
I have two that come to mind. One is when I was about three years old and we were in Seattle, it was summer and I was wearing just overalls because it was so hot. A bee flew in/down somehow and couldn't get out and stung me in the butt. The other is watching WrestleMania VIII with my dad.

Day 15 - Your favorite websites:
Tumblr, it's where I spend most of my time. It has its problems though, I just try and stay away from them. I also like Pro Wrestling Tees and looking at all the cool stuff. Etsy is another favorite.

Day 16 - Your views on mainstream music:
I don't care if the music I like is mainstream or not. I like what I like. And what I like is very varied, everything from country to K-POP.

Day 17 - Your highs and lows of this past year:
Let's see...highs were celebrating one year with my love, booking my trip to see him. Lows have been stresses at work.

Day 18 - Your beliefs:
I believe: that everyone is equal, no matter race, gender, sexuality or identity, that religion should not govern society or governmental policy, that we work entirely too much and need to enjoy the little things in life more, that there is someone for everyone, and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

Day 19 - Disrespecting your parents:
Big no-no for me. At least with my mom, I know she isn't perfect, but she's always done what she thinks is best for me. She's always my go-to for advice or when I need to talk. My dad is a different story. I did disrespect him over time, and now I don't get to apologize or make up for that. Yes, he did disrespect me too over the years, but now he doesn't have the chance to apologize or make up for it either. Can't hold things against the dead, it's not fair.

Day 20 - How important you think education is:
Education is very important, especially if you have high goals in what you would like to do in life. However in the US post-secondary education is entirely too expensive and not always feasible.

Day 21 - One of your favorite shows:
Doctor Who

Day 22 - How have you changed in the past 2 years?
I think I've become a better person, more myself. More comfortable with myself, being in my own skin. I've learned to love more, hate less, and keep hope alive.

Day 23 - Give pictures of 5 guys who are famous who you find attractive:
Ooohh boy...

CM Punk - even when he looks like a hobo he's still a handsome motherfucker

Kazuchika Okada - There are no words, he's just too sexy

Ewan McGregor - Sexy accent, cheeky dude

Hugh Jackman - Really, does this need an explanation?

““ The things I learned from my parents, what was deeply ingrained in their generation, is this idea of opportunity and the freedom to have an opportunity. The way the United States was thought of is as a place you can have this chance...
Sebastian Stan: Really, how can someone be this handsome and sexy??

Day 24 - Your favorite movie and what it's about:

My favorite movie is The Crow. It's about a young man (Eric Draven) who is murdered the day before his and his fiancée, Shelly's, wedding day by a low level street gang. One year later, Eric is brought back by the power of the crow, to avenge his and Shelly's murders.

Day 25 - Someone who fascinates you and why:
I could honestly have an entire paragraph on many people, as a naturally curious person, everyone that exists fascinates me.

Day 26 - What kind of person attracts you:
Someone who is funny, easy going, caring, full of life and passion for something(s), someone with nice eyes and a good heart. Preferably taller than me.

Day 27 - A problem that you have had:
Fuck what problems haven't I had? Depression is my biggest, ongoing problem. And it's a day to day struggle. That and coping with trying to lose weight and being more healthy.

Day 28 - Something that you miss.
Day 29 - Goals for the next 30 days.
Day 30 - Your highs and lows of this month.


Brandi Wagner
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